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Heroic Standing Pose Pack - Pose Reference for Artists

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88 images
4000 x 2667px
Personal and commercial work permitted.


The first installment of my Pose Pack series!

Rather than creating large, expensive pose packs and requiring you to keep your fingers crossed when you hit "purchase", I decided to break my figure packs into smaller, more heavily themed packs and charge a fraction of the cost. That way, you're only buying what you need and you know exactly what you are getting!

This pack is "Heroic Standing". Exclusively standing poses from different angles geared towards strong, protagonist-type characters. Some are overtly strong, others more subtle, but all that would be perfect for depicting your characters in establishing shots and character-focused pieces.


While credit is not required, I love to see how you use my photos and share your creations with my followers! Tag me on Instagram (@imrachelbradley).


You will get a ZIP (65MB) file