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I'm Rachel- the owner of Pose Reference and the model in most of the packs you'll find here.

About My Work

My work is really varied! When I'm not making referene photos, I'm primarily an artist. I spend most of my days painting, writing my first novel (The Sum of Our Deeds), planning and shooting reference packs and developing resources to help other artists. I’m trained as a coach, and I use those skills to help other artists overcome the barriers they face in their own journeys.

I live with my husband, Noah, who is a phenomenal artist and the best coworker I could hope for! Our home is our very own creative cave and, together, ours days are a flurry of creation!

And the rest...

I was born in the UK and spent most of my life in and around London, but now I live in Virginia, USA. I’m incredibly chatty and silly, but a lot more shy than most people realise! I’m constantly (almost pathologically) trying new things and I’ve learned to lean into that and go in whatever direction excites me most. I love sunshine and warm weather, listening to uplifting music (and dancing to it without the slightest sense of coordination), and I’m an absolute fiend for savory snacks. I’m fortunate to have a heavy crossover between work and pleasure, but when I’m not in my studio, I love exploring and I travel as much as I can. I am learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga (don’t mess with me!), and on rainy days, I like to curl up with a video game and a blanket (bonus point for a glass of wine).

For more about my art and other projects, check out my main website:

How it began

I started making reference photos because I needed them, too.

As an artist, I used to waste a lot of time searching for good reference online and, even when I did find them, I had to work with low-resolution, heavy-handed editing and copyright concerns.

My husband (as well as being an artist) happens to be pretty savvy with a camera, so we were already taking many of our own reference photos. But let's just say those early photos were nothing like the quality of the packs you buy today! After all, costumes are expensive, and it takes a lot of time, equipment and know-how to to set up a professional shoot. We made do with what we had.

One day it struck me that, if we invested a little more into our set up, bought nice costume pieces and learned how to model, others might want to use them, too. That we could share professional quality artist photos so that money wouldn't be a barrier for them the way it had been for us.

We bought a cloak for $200 and shot our first reference pack (left). We shared it with our community, hoping to cover the cost. But much to our surprise, it was such a hit that we earned back that $200 wthin just a few hours! By the end of the day, we had a profit that we used to buy another costume... and the rest is history!